You always hear people complain that there is no parking in the 124 Street district. That's okay, you want to know a secret? Within a block of 124 Street, there are approximately 1,000 available on-street parking spaces.

For more information on the City of Edmonton's new and convenient on-street Epark Parking System please CLICK HERE.

In addition, there are eight public parking lots located on the adjacent map (note: public parking is available in Parking Lots #2 and #5 on weeknights (after 6pm) and weekends only). Not too mention the numerous free parking spots available behind many of the 124 Street businesses. And you want to know another secret? The distance from your vehicle to your destination is still shorter than it is when you visit the mall!

124 Street Parking Facts

Free Unrestricted & Restricted Spaces: 1229
Metered Unrestricted & Restricted Spaces: 177
Handicap Spaces: 23
Loading Zones: 72
Transit Stops: 177
Public Parking Lots: 8 

More secrets have been revealed! We've had a covert, elite team track down these parking secrets, and they have shared their confidential dossier of parking possibilities with us. Businesses along 124 Street will be sharing maps gleaned from this covert research. Each business will have maps of the best parking places close to them. Just ask, discreetly of course, for your own Parking Secrets Map.


Scroll down for a preview of the maps.


Parking Secrets for Each Zone

Remember, just ask you favourite businesses for your own personal copy of these secret documents!